Life insurance, trauma or disability claim declined?

You needed that money to clear debts, feed the family or generally take care of things. The insurance policy was started in good faith. You feel the insurer has made the wrong decision or is relying on a technicality to get out of paying the money you deserve.

So, what are your options now? 

  1. You could accept ‘No’ for an answer and suffer the consequences
  2. You could complain to the Ombudsman and hope they help you out
  3. You could instruct a lawyer to defend you and start paying between $250 and $1,000 an hour - and cross your fingers
  4. Or you could ask Decline to consider taking on your case on a No-Win-No-Fee basis

If accepting ‘No’ was your option, you wouldn’t be here right now.

All insurance companies and banks work with an Ombudsman who will independently consider whether a decline was fair. For banks, it’s usually the Banking Ombudsman (www.bankomb.org.nz), and for insurance companies, it’s the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman (www.ifso.nz). 

While the Ombudsman might be a good option to try in the early stages, you should know that their decisions overwhelmingly favour the insurer. Often the decision is made solely on the policy wording, and insurers are always careful to work within these.

See Our Process

We'll start with a free thorough investigation of every part of your claim. How your policy was sold, the application process, claimant's medical records, who did what and when.

We'll then let you know if we can help you with your declined claim. Not every applicant is successful. If we accept your case, there's a high chance of success.

A very detailed submission will be prepared to put to the insurer if we have agreed to help. Other options will be pursued if that doesn't work, like an ombudsman complaint or legal redress.

One other downside of approaching the Ombudsman first is that this closes off some of our options later. If the Ombudsman has already found against you, the insurer will be more confident to refuse any further approaches.

Instructing a lawyer to fight the battle for you means paying lots of money right from the outset. They can certainly make the difference, but lawyers get paid whether they win or lose. You could fork out thousands of dollars and still not get the decision you need.

Also, lawyers usually think about your claim from a strictly legal perspective. They will examine the decision and see if there is a legal loophole they can exploit. They don’t work in the insurance industry, understand the processes, or know the decision-makers. They don’t understand the politics in the insurance industry, and they don’t have other examples to highlight inconsistent decisions.

So why choose Decline? 

If we agree, we will fight your battle for you and only take our fee if we get a positive result. That result will either be a full or partial claim payment.

If the claim takes many months to resolve, the fee will gradually increase. 

Our expert claim advocate is Bryan Tucker. He has over 37 years of experience in the New Zealand Life Insurance industry. 

He has been an active insurance adviser since 2004. He has a proven track record of getting claims paid that lawyers have given up on. 

Bryan is like a dog with a bone. If he says he can get you paid, he will put his time and money where his mouth is.

He won’t just look at your claim from a strictly legal perspective. He’ll consider the conduct of everyone involved – the insured, the adviser, the decision-makers at the insurance company and anyone else involved.  He’ll examine documents with a fine-tooth comb to find inconsistencies in wording or clumsily worded questions that are unfair and encourage poor disclosure. He’ll look at everything and anything that could get the decision turned in your favour.

And once he has the ammunition he needs, he’ll hit the insurance company with everything he has. 

Don’t accept no for an answer. Apply to Decline today.

If we can't take your case on, we may agree to provide you with some advice for a fixed hourly fee. This is also a great option if you think you just need to be pointed in the right direction.

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